the ambassador visits guy vernes

After being invited at Runway Show Jazzity we are proud and honored to announce that Sugito’s Ambassador is also available at the admirable and most talented Guy Vernes!

Guy Vernes is a Dutch street fashion house that offers all of his most inspiring work – from fashion to art to many more. Check it out at!

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the ambassador

The Ambassador was inspired by its little brother, the Little General (spoiler alert).  This Little General made Sugito what it is now, but we’ll talk about the Little General later on as he is still on his way, and we wouldn’t start without him. Let’s take a look at the Ambassador’s outside first. It is handmade and hand stitched of genuine cowhide. The leather is triple hand dyed by our leather experts, which gives it amazing high quality and an easy-to-wear color.

The design feels familiar, elegant and old school while the slight oversizing adds a little humor to it, and the label on the side inserts some funk. On the bottom we made an easy-to-use feature that gives you a lot of possibilities for both strap resizing as how-to-wear possibilities. You can wear the Ambassador without a strap as a briefcase, or with a strap as a shoulder bag or a backpack.

The inside has soft but sturdy black lining. Apart from the big zipper pocket it looks kind of pocket-lonely doesn’t it? Well, that’s where the Inside-Out Sleeve comes in handy. The Inside-Out Sleeve is an ingenious system that makes the bag easy-to-organize. The sleeve is fully compatible with the Ambassador and makes the bag unique.


With the sleeve you can store away all your precious belongings. Attach the sleeve to the Ambassador, pull it upwards, and slide it down in the bag. And when you need anything from you bag simply pull the sleeve out and drop it outside the bag and it will hang there nice and comfortable – all within reach.

Removing the sleeve from your bag might also turn out handy for you. Say you’re sitting at a coffee place and need to go to the toilet or you’re on a connecting flight and only feel like taking your essentials with you – just unbutton your sleeve, fold it the other way around and take it with you – stylish and funktional.  And for those out there that switch bags every morning – store all your everyday essentials in your sleeve and chuck it in – different bag, same sleeve.

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funktion has arrived is officially launched and online, welcome!

Over the coming weeks we will be updating the site regularly adding more and more funk-tionality. 
For now, take a browse around, check out our first launch products; the Ambassador and the Inside-Out Sleeve.